Platforma Finseka

The platform is a sophisticated but easy to use tool. Serves to efficiently guide you through the mortgage process. See what this is all about!

Login to the Platform

It's very simple and importantly, also safe. You can set your own password for your convenience.

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Platform Security

We protect your data with care, because it's different confidential information about you and your current situation. Address of residence, amount of income czy fakty istotne dla analityków bankowych from your life. All this remains inaccessible to third parties.

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File Manager

Uploading essential documents has never been so easy. They will always end up in the right place and not on the wrong e-mail address of a colleague. Only you and your credit counselor will see the added files.

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Calculation of creditworthiness

This is one of the most essential elements in the whole process of raising money, to fund your goals. How to estimate it well? With the platform, you provide us with your income data in an appropriate manner. This makes it easy for us to quickly and accurately assess your creditworthiness.

Menadżer plików platformy Finseka.

Expected loan amount

In this section you can easily communicate how much credit you are interested in. You will also determine the amount of your contribution and provide other relevant information. This will help us know what your exact funding expectations are.

Informacja kredytowa dla klienta

Entering necessary data

Entering information, based on which we will prepare your loan application is fast and convenient. The platform will tell you how many digits your pesel number should have and will make it easier to enter other data. No mistakes on your loan application saves you time!

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Tracking case progress

Have you ever heard from a person applying for credit, maybe even from someone close to you, That at one stage the person had no idea, What actually happens to her application? Customers must repeatedly call and write to their realtor, to get any information on what stage everything is at. With Finseka's platform, missing information is a thing of the past. You can check the progress bar of your application at any time of the day or night. Follow your case stress-free!

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Additional features

The platform also has other useful features, such as messenger whether bank information. You will discover them while using this practical and constantly improving tool.